cleaning the mist of miho no matsubara

2020  cleaning the mist of miho no matsubara

tsunenobus spectacular mount fuji behind miho was instable and needed to be remounted.

we used the oppertunity to clean the clouds and back them with new paper.

in the comparison of a detail in the center of the painting, there tsunenobu has used very delicately applied ink and color shade to create the enormous depth of this composition, we can see how the cleaning of decade long pollution and the backing with new paper has increased the contrast.

the banks of mist around the sails are better separated and the big cloud bank is wrapping now more around the coast line.

take we now a look to the complete artwork, we can see that the cleaning also improved the color contrast. the very light blue shade of the water around matsubara creates now a fine imagination of the seas surface and combines well with the mists in the backgroud and opens up the composition toward mount fuji.

in the unrestored painting this delicate use of ink and color shade by the great master of the mist is hidden under a vail. so the composition has not any longer the precision, the master had intended.